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A Team Pack video set delivered to each member of your team is the most efficient way to work on the mental game. Each player on your team works on their time, not taking practice time. It’s like sending them to confidence school!


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The Major League Playoffs and the Balance Beam

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My favorite time of year is October. By the middle of the month the MLB playoffs are in full swing. Many players have been practicing for this time in their life ever since they were little kids. They would pretend to be the guy up or the guy on the mound for game seven and

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Baseball Focus

A baseball player has control over two things – his actions and his behaviors. That’s it! Yet when things don’t go right, the player often compounds the problem by focusing on the emotional part of the event rather than the task at hand. The problem with baseball is that these emotions stand in the way

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Left Brain VS. Right Brain Baseball

Are you a right brain or a left brain baseball player?  Well, do you know? Let’s take a little test and find out which side of the brain you use the most. After the test I’ll explain why it’s important to know. Read the following list of words. Say the color of the word instead

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A View From the Dugout – Wrinkled Raisins

While sitting in the dugout, I have seen many players throw wrinkled raisins.  I will explain, but first let’s leave the dugout for a few minutes and step into my office. As you read this imagine you are walking into my office just down a hall leading out a door through the back of the

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